Ecommerce Businesses Are Shinning

For the last some years online shopping from different ecommerce sites has become a general thing. Now we can find hundreds of small, medium-sized and big ecommerce stores offering a wide range of products to be ordered and purchased online right from the homes using their websites.

How to Develop Ecommerce/Online Shopping Store?

Developing your online store isn’t something you have to handle yourself. There are a lot of web development companies who are offering a wide range of services in this particular regards. So, what you can do is, hire the services of one of these development firms and get your store set up for business.

Magento - Ideal and Best Option:

If you want to develop your online store, then you have a best option and framework available in the shape of Magento. It is said to be one of the best technologies which could be used for the development of ecommerce sites.

Reasons of Using Magento Open Source for Ecommerce Development

Most of the professional web development companies in Dubai and across the globe preferred Magento platform for ecommerce development. We are going to discuss the top reasons here beneath that why it has gain such importance.


It is an upgradable coding language. It means that updates keep coming from time to time, to bring more improvements to achieve better results. Whenever there is an update around you can upgrade and adapt it easily.


It is a flexible coding language. You can use it for any module and any feature you want to achieve. Means it is not for just some particular features etc.

Free and Open Source:

It is a free and open source language. Means you don’t need to bear any expenditures at all. Apart from that, it has a very active community which is always ready to help right away.

Mobile Friendliness:

The mobile-friendly design is the topmost priority for the enterprises these days. Magento is suitable for mobile and user-friendly responsive designs.


It is excellent performance wise as well. That’s why you need to choose this for the development of your online store. In Dubai ecommerce solutions providing firms are easy to find. 

If you are also wandering around Dubai in search of the website development firm who could develop your required site, then you should prefer finding the ones who can develop it in a Magento open source platform.

In this world of rapid technological advancement, a website is a link between the customer and business organizations. It is because; the website enables the users to get on-hand information about the products, services, business promotions and much more.

Many organizations have realized the importance of a corporate website for the survival and stability of their business. So, the website has been used a useful tool to strengthen customer-corporation relation. 

5 Website Usability Tips - Dubai Web Design

However, it is very important to get a well-designed and optimized website to keep the users engaged for a considerable time. In fact, the website should be able to grasp the attention of people by making them impressed with the design and content organization. Not only this, it should be capable to fit in every gadget type in order to give optimized accessibility.

Keeping the requirements in view, premium quality Dubai web design service providers enable the business organizations and individuals to get customized websites. The objective is to offer augmented website performance by elegant UI design, speedy loading in browsers and optimized content management.

Why Is Website Usability Important?

The factor of usability is imperative to estimate the quality of the website in terms of user experience and engagement. So, it helps not only the users to get a better interaction with the website but also the web owner to improve website performance. In short, web usability is crucial for website survival over the internet.

Why Is Website Usability Important

Better Website Layout

Imagine passing through a jungle without having tracks or defined way? How will you feel in such a situation? Astray? The same is the case with a website not properly designed or having a poor layout.

A well-defined organizational structure and data scheme make the website easy to be explored and navigate. So, make your website defined, designed and organized in a simple but organized manner.

Improved Web Page Load

The speed of the Internet is increasing with every passing day giving the users a more robust experience of the information surfing.

According to the research conducted by Radware in 2013, a slight delay of 2 seconds in page loading during transactions reduced the online shopping rates by 87%.

So, don’t get hooked by slow page loads. Use modern techniques to downsize web page loading time to grasp more users online.

Some tactics to boost page load time span can be file compression, performance enhancers and retrieval of static content through the cache. Further, the concept of encapsulation can be successfully used to minimize drainage of bandwidth.

Mobile Optimization

Smart phone users have been increased dramatically over the years. Statistics show that mobile users are accounted for 51 percent as compared to 42 percent desktop users in UAE alone. It has given rise to the Dubai web design methods and techniques to be smart enough to fit into different mobile phones and tablets.

So, you need to make your website fully functional in different screen dimensions in order to be a better option for usage and information gathering.

In-image Marketing

The website is not only a tool of corporate identity but also used as an effective tool for marketing. But the tip for success is that don’t make the visitors feel like this. Devise your marketing strategy in a way that it can get adjust to your website content naturally.

The use of in-image advertising is a good option. It will help you to discover the effectiveness of website content in marketing.

Think out Web Design Comprehensively

The website is a composition of different content boxes, color schema, design textures, font and other related elements. It is good to consider everything in a comprehensive manner to give your website an attractive outlook.


Ultimately, you need a well-reputed Dubai web design company to give your customers the most exciting user experience. It can only be done by getting an optimized website along with enhanced usability.

Takes Away

Remember! Your website is the face of your business. So, never compromise on anything which is essential to give a better display of your brand. Focus on your website from all aspects in terms of design, development, and data content and last but not least web optimization.


As the world gets a technological makeover, and the digitization takes over our lives, it is better if we stay in the loop of it and not just mere observers. With times changing and this being the 18th year since the beginning of the millennium, web design tends to shift more rapidly than any other medium.

It is a feat in its own the way web designers have managed to cope with increasing technological difficulties, and complex trends and still managed to construct user-friendly, innovative, and adaptable websites. The consistency with which they tend to adapt to current corporate styles, and still keep the layout beautiful and comfortable to work through, is commendable. 

Website Design Trends

Website design Dubai-based companies observed the way mobile browsing finally took over desktop browsing. This is a clear indication of how mobile browsing will reach a level of functionality that is beyond what we know. To further illustrate the way web design is bound to evolve in 2018, here’s a list of top 6 trends to watch out for:


As the browsing world evolves, more and more websites are shifting from the use of static images to more dynamic and interactive use of graphic animations. The animations are able to engage the visitors on their website through their communicative approach.

The visitor traffic has shown that smaller animations are able to keep their visitors engaged throughout their experience on the page. The animations are more than just abstract visuals; they are a way of providing your customers with meaningful interactions.

 Drop Shadows

The use of drop shadows is nothing new in the world of web designing, but 2018 is going to witness a new rise in it.

With the abundance of parallax layouts and grids, the use of drop shadows has increased to create an illusion of depth on the screen. This actually works well with flat screens so commonly used today.

The color gradation integrated into the play of drop shadows help create a user experience more immersive than before. It helps create an illusion of a real world inside the screen, enhancing the three dimensional effect of the old shadows.

Color Gradients

Previously, the designers only ever used web-safe colors, sticking to a norm, but now more and more designers are departing from the comfort zone and testing waters with bold, vibrant colors.

Be it bold colors combined into non-horizontal headers with sharp angles, or the super-saturation to make the colors truly pop out, the trend has shifted completely. More designers are risking the use of clashing colors together in hopes of grabbing the customer’s attention by standing out from the norm.

Particle Backgrounds

Usually, websites crash or run too slow when a video background is integrated into its design. Particle backgrounds are a direct solution to that. 

The backgrounds run smoothly without creating any performance issues. They act as a natural movement in the background based on lightweight JavaScript. The moving images successfully grab a customer’s attention and are an ever growing trend on social media.

Mobile Friendly

As stated earlier, mobile browsing has completely taken over desktop browsing and will continue to do so in the times to come.

People prefer to use their smartphones for everything these days, be it browsing, shopping, ordering online, or scrolling through the web pages, the mobile browsing has indeed matured. The designers have been able to successfully incorporate small images, icons, menus, and sub-menus into the small screen of a mobile phone.


Illustrations are creative images, drawn to make the website seem more friendly and interactive. It is a playful element that makes your website more fun to use.

Experienced illustrators are able to draw images that encapsulate the essence of your web content and add personality to your brand. Illustration styles vary from website to website, depending on the brand identity. It helps lighten the experience of users with even the most serious websites.


Web designing in Dubai and world over has gotten a makeover and will probably continue to do so in the years to come. It is up to the competent web designers to cope up with the changing tones of the technology and continue to make the experience more user friendly and comfortable.