Dynamic commerce market in Dubai has encouraged many entrepreneurs to catch up a higher speed of business growth by means of internet. It allows you to collect more customers of your product and services by simply making you virtually available for 24 hours and 365 days.

Dubai Web Design

You might approach a beginner or a professional for designing your web page because a nice web design can easily be made. It is also easy to make an immature design because sometimes addition of some features is needed and sometimes elimination of some features could make it more effective. It can get confusing.

To make it clear, here is a list of the odds that can make your web page bad: 

1. Inappropriate Background Effects: 

What soothes your eyes motivates your heart. If the background is dull grey (by default) or too sharp that it makes you blink your eyes, then it is a fail. It is again a fail if color combination of background and text is such that that you have to make efforts in reading the text. If there are some graphics flashing in the background, and then there is text over it, it is not bad, but worst. 

2. Emphasized Text:  

Written content on the page must be in right font size, neither too small nor too big. Care should be taken in upper case and lower case letters. If the font size is too small or if a complete paragraph is in capital letters, bold or italic, it gives a very bad impression on the reader. It is not a text book from which you are making notes, highlighted or underlined text would give it a non-professional look. 

3. The Overload: 

Dubai web design must be precise. There must not be too much of information on one page. Too many pop-ups, icons, pictures and too many ads would make your target consumer just leave without even scrolling. Apart from this, there can be multiple animations on the page that just won’t stop. They can either distract or irritate the viewer.

4. Difficulty in Navigation:

The website must be friendly and the user must feel comfortable. It can only happen if the search option is available at appropriate place so that the user can find the intended. Link to pages without headings and just the text is a poor and ineffective means of communicating your message. That sideways scroll bar that takes you to unnecessary icon, pictures and links on the side of page is not a good idea either.

You would definitely not want these 4 bad’s on your company website. It would kill the traffic and the purpose of your business being online. Professional Dubai web design companies would make sure to avoid them.