Reasons Why Website Loading Speed is Top Priority in Web Designing

Technology is pervasive as it gradually gets inculcated within the life of people without even realization. Till now, minor to major, all business operations are almost done by using technological instruments. 

Not only this, business promotion depends critically on the resources available over the internet. In this regard, the website is the basic unit of the corporate identity of every business organization.

More specifically, as long as the internet has become more frequent, the need for augmented online experience has been evolved rapidly giving rise to the optimization of websites in terms of performance. 
Website Loading Speed Optimization
Nevertheless, you may have noticed that browsers are showing rapid improvement in displaying research results with optimal web loading facilities. Many business organizations in UAE and other regions of the world have started realizing the importance of minimized website loading time. Owing to this, best web design companies are hired to design and optimize corporate and personal websites for assured success.

What exactly is Website Loading Speed?

If the loading speed of website is considered technically, it is the average time which a server consumes to send a response to the browser for the requested data by a user. It is imperative to understand that the faster is the best because users don’t like to be in the waiting mode. So, the greater user experience can only be ensured by offering minimized time taken for web loading.

It simply means that every user who searches his desired query over the internet wants to get the required link to be open quickly. You might be thinking what rocket science is in it? There is something very critical more than rocket science because more than 46% of users want to get their desired website loaded into the browser in 2 seconds or less!

Why Website Speed Optimization is an Integral Part of Web Design

Greg Linden while sharing his viewpoint on the significance and scope of website speed states that a minor delay of 100-milliseconds can cause 1% drop of revenue. Just imagine the power of a second can change the fate of your business altogether!

Website Loading Speed
Website Loading Speed

It is entirely reasonable to assume that fastest speed of website loading is crucial for success in 2019 and beyond. It is evident from a recent study conducted by O'Reilly have concluded that it is possible to improve the experience of end-user by minimizing load time required by a web page to show into the browser.

Further, it has been observed that website with an improvement of 7 seconds from 15 seconds (Previous) show an approximate increase of 3% in conversions.

Let’s consider a few more reasons that why web designers are focusing more on loading time than ever:

Users have become impatient over the time

An impatient user is the first reason that why website loading speed is in the high buzz across the world. Being an avid user, you will agree those website that load into the browser quickly are considered more reliable. It’s not that other websites don’t offer authentic information, but it’s because of impatience.

A survey conducted by Google in 2012 shows that most of the smartphone users expect a website to be loaded within 5 seconds. Do you think that it is the same waiting time till today? Obviously not!

SEO is significantly affected by Website Speed

Search engine optimization is significantly vital for business progress. It is because people usually consider the immediate listings in the search engine result page (SERP). It might be a surprise for you that Google has started considering the speed of website loading for a credible signal of ranking in search results. Therefore, it is imperative to optimize your website!

Further, optimized website speed indicates how much a business organization is concerned about its potential clients or visitors. The quicker responses create a soft corner within the hearts of visitors which ultimately benefits in the form of business growth.

Don’t forget to create a happy impression on your targeted users by getting specialized services of best web designing companies in Dubai. It is because only the experts can eliminate the critical design gaps in your website which delays the pages to be loaded in the browsers.

Concluding remarks for Website Loading Speed

Summing up, there is no truth of slow and steady wins the race when it comes to website loading speed into the browsers. So, besides compatibility with the popular browsers, your website must comply with the need of speed required by your targeted audience to ensure inspiring user experience! 

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