How To Get More Traffic To Your Website Free

According to HostingFacts 2019, the total number of websites is 1.94 million as of 2019. But most of them are dead or inactive today. The active websites are only 22 percent. Web portals with more traffic and more conversion rates are even lower. What’s more surprising is still SEO will be responsible for $3.45 trillion sales this year, according to the facts.

Here is How To Get More Traffic To Your Website Free
Get website traffic for fee

Get Traffic to Your Website Free

Do you want to get more traffic to your website free? Increase your sales and make more money? Here are some of the best ways to enjoy more free traffic on your website:

1. Publish High Quality Content

No matter, how excellent your website design is or how intelligent your web developer is. If your content is not high quality, it is not going to drive traffic. High quality content is like your website driver. With a good driver, you can get 55 percent better results.
Write good content for your blog and for the landing pages. Make sure it is interesting and informative. Keep updating your blog posts from time to time and you will see results. Make sure your content is plagiarism and error free, give realistic and precise information.
For instance, if you are a cake-maker, write about cake types and cake making techniques instead of writing about politics and sports etc.

2. Optimize Your Website

According to reports, Google is responsible for bringing 35 percent of free traffic for your website. Optimizing your website and its content for search engines can help you grab more free traffic and increase your sales.
If you don’t know much about SEO techniques, contact a best SEO services company Dubai. Expert SEO service providers can even draw 100 percent traffic for your web portal.

3. Show Your Presence

Writing on your website is not enough. Use social media sites to show your presence. Estimates show 35 percent of your free traffic comes from social media sites.
Don’t ignore to update your status on Facebook, use a hashtag on Twitter and follow more people on Instagram. These sites are great if you want more people to visit your website.

4. Create Quality Backlinks

Back linking is also a great way to find prospective customers online. Write guest posts. Share informative articles on your websites. You can write a press release on another website. There are many press release websites where you can share your article with your link to invite your customers.

5. Be Interactive / Answer to Queries

Make your website pleasant and interactive. A general tip for this is invite others to comment or leave a reply. Be active when someone leaves a comment or likes/asks something on your website. Answering them in a nice way and showing a positive attitude can also be helpful.
Websites and social media pages that are highly responsive are more likely to generate traffic. However, if you ignore a reply/review/comment, they are likely to feel bad (and hence, repel from your site).


If more people are visiting your website, chances are your sales will be up soon. Five surefire ways get traffic to your website free include publishing high quality content, optimizing your website, showing your presence on social media, creating quality backlinks and being interactive and above all, hiring SEO services can get the job done for you!

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