Common Mistakes That Marketers Do While Using Google Ads

There are a lot of entrepreneurs and small companies who are facing some problems while working with Adwords (Google Ads), in their opinion Adwords is simply obsolete and isn’t working for them however most of such marketers fail to assess some common Google Adwords mistakes that are being made them.
Google ads
Google ads mistakes

Google Adwords Mistakes

According to a survey, 25% of the total investment being made on Adwords is wasted by the account, and the prime reasons for this wastage are following mistakes:


Just making an account and then leaving it to rot on its own is a poor strategy because you need to give some time to your account, a typical number of logins per week might solve the problem. You need to be loyal and committed to your account, try to log in daily for at least an hour and tweak your account, for example:
  1. Make some add extensions
  2. Update your ad copies.
  3. Adding more keywords

Careless attitude with regard to landing pages:

If you are doing everything else perfectly but lose your concentration when coming to landing pages then you would certainly lose traffic, many small companies have been observed to direct all their traffic on same landing pages causing repetition and looping. On the other hand, having dull and dry landing pages are another factor for thinning the traffic.

For a unique target ad group you need to create an individual landing page, don’t try to jumble everyone on a single landing page, another drawback of this practice is that content on the landing page and the ad wouldn’t match up thus raising an issue of relevance. Furthermore be creative and innovative while designing a landing page so that you can appeal to the viewer’s interest.

Mobile optimization:

This is a significant factor that is neglected while designing an ad, the mobile industry is flourishing at an exponential rate, and thus a large percentage of internet traffic has shifted to portable devices, therefore, your ad must be optimized for better viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

With new options of advanced campaigning now whether you want it or not, your ad will be viewed on mobile devices and to get an impressive click rate, it must appear correct and appealing on different platforms otherwise it may also have a negative impression on the viewer.

Irrelevant content:

Google has its own system of assessing the quality of ads called quality score, the heading of your ad, its relevance to the content, the landing page and its relevance to the ad and finally the relevance of the ad to what you are actually selling. This is a long chain which is monitored by Google and based on all these facts it assigns the ad its quality score. 

So we can say that relevance is directly related to quality score, and therefore you need to be careful in your content placement, make sure to add relevant keywords only to your ad, or it may attract negative attention which may temporarily increase traffic but would be spotted by Google later on.

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