Top 3 Tips For Choosing Color Scheme of Your Website

Did you know colors largely impact purchase decisions? About 85 percent of buying decisions that individuals make are based catchy product colors, a survey report shows. This report makes sense when you consider how important visuals are – eye doctors also agree that visual stimuli drivers nearly everything in human beings.

So, fact remains the same when it comes to picking the right color scheme for your website. Because an attractive color scheme determines how your website (and thus, the brand) will be perceived. 

Top Three Essential Tips on How to Choose Color Combinations for Website

Experts recommend don’t choose a color scheme on your personal choice or at random. Give plenty of thought to it – there are 80percent chances your website starts getting noticed. You can also opt for the services of best web designing companies in Dubai to ensure proper color scheme selection aligned with branding. It will help your website design stands out! 

However, here are some essential tips to choose the best color combination for your website.

Three essential tips for choosing website color scheme

Reports show users make ‘subconscious judgment within 90 seconds’ while viewing a website? And a majority of these visitors base their decision (to stay or leave the site) on color use alone. If this is true pick your color scheme carefully. The following tips can help on "How to Choose Color Combinations for Website":

Touch User Emotions

Daniel Goleman writes in his book, Emotional Intelligence that emotions are the driving forces in human beings. They urge us to take an action. For example, fear causes people to become defensive and happiness causes them to throw parties etc.

While psychologists say colors impact our emotions to a great extent. Lights colors are known to have relaxing effects and bright colors like red brings warmth and radiance etc. It is, therefore highly important to familiarize with the impact of colors before you start making a web design. The color impact can drive users to take action and buy your product!

Know Your Demographics

The next step is to know your demographics. This means grab information about your potential users. Who will visit your website? What will be their age bracket? What will be their social status? What will be their occupation? 

For instance, the demographic for a clothing brand company will be different from a laptop selling company. This information will help you to understand general psychology of your users – their likes, dislikes, interest levels and more. 

All this information about your potential users will help you choose the right color scheme according to your user demographic information. If you are making a website for teenage girls, you can choose funky pinks and purples, glittery backgrounds, butterflies and flowers etc. However, if the website is about senior citizens, use sober and sophisticated colors.

Determine Total Colors to Use

After selecting primary color, it is time to think of the total colors you will use in your design. Ideally, you should use three colors on your website. You can apply the 60-30-10 rule. This rule is used in industries like fashion and interior design to create a perfect harmony. 

According to this rule, your dominant color should be 60 percent, the secondary color should be 30 percent and the accent color should be 10 percent. But if you want to apply more colors don’t go beyond 4 colors. This can make your design look complicated.

In Summary

Selecting the right color scheme for your website is very important if you want to attract visitors. Top three tips to choose a brilliant color scheme include select your colors according to your visitor type and impact of different colors. And decide the total number of colors in your design. 

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