5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Development Company

Did you know the total population in the U.A.E is 9,266,971 (as of 2016)? And there were 8,515,420 internet users in the country. This means every other person is using the internet here. This makes getting a website for your business is a great option to build your reputation and get more customers.

Once you decided to create a website. You have two options: get professional services or DIY it. There are many DIY website development options such as Joomla and WordPress. Why do people still find the right web development agency? It is because if you are a professional, you can’t afford to sink your business. This can be extremely risky for you. 

Ask all your essential questions from the web development company you want to hire

A professionally developed website can help bring more traffic and prospective customers and engaged them, while an unprofessional website can do the opposite. So you should always go for a professional web development agency.

Hiring a right web development company in UAE can be tricky for you as there are hundreds of them. The competition is ferocious. The quality and price vary greatly. For a business owner, a simple way is to ask different questions from the company before you hire them.

Questions to ask while hiring best web development company in UAE

Before you meet the web developers company, prepare yourself. Be very clear. You should have no confusion about the project. What do you want? How you want it? What is your budget? How much time do you have for this project? 

Ask all your essential questions from the company you want to hire for your web development; once clear, you are good to go. Here are a few of them given below.

1. How experienced are you in the CMS you are offering?

This question seems simple but it is somewhat tricky. For instance, if the service provider knows MySQL, HTML, CSS, and PHP – then chances are they can handle the chosen content management system (CMS) as well. They would not take more time. But if they have less experience or don’t have these additional skills, then you may need someone with more experience. Ask about general web development and CMS development skills, both.

2. Can you customize templates? How many times?

More changes to a template, the more time your developer will need. That does not mean you don’t customize a design. Customization a template is a tricky job. It is technical. So if your chosen best web development company in Dubai has the right skills, they will do that without any issue. 

3. Do you offer SEO services too?

Making a website and not optimizing it is a big mistake. It is like you prepared a product and did not sell it. Ask the development company if they offer SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services too? This will serve as icing to the cake. SEO services will help bring traffic to your web portal.

4. What about website security?

This is perhaps a fundamental question to ask. Hacker stories are making headlines these days. Even the so-called ‘safest’ websites get hacked and the data gets manipulated. Ask your web development company about their experience of tackling hackers. Can they avert SQL injection attacks? What will they do if any security breach pops up? Can they make a safe and secure website?

5. Will you charge a fixed price for web development?

Theory versus practice. Sometimes, even a highly qualified and well-experienced web developer can make a mistake – or say that their final work may not be liked (it is not necessary that the work was bad. It can just be a matter of choice – you may or may not like the final form). So the development work can go over-budget. A fixed price quote will save you from paying extra – for a redo.

Final note

The fact is we shop, search, learn, and play – online. You can see more people using their smartphones and laptops than talking to each other. From a business perspective, it is a good place to sell your services and products and for this, you need a well-developed website

Find a professional web developers company and ask the mentioned questions before hiring. These questions will help you choose the best company out of many.

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